How to make Indian food for a family in Australia

An Indian foodie has found a way to make it at home in Australia.Courtesy: YouTube/ Indian foodies have been sharing recipes on YouTube for years and this is the first time anyone has actually made it.“I started making my own Indian food and I’ve had a lot of people asking

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When you cook for two and want to share it with a friend

The internet is awash in videos and photos of Asian food from China, India, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.They all feature a simple, yet tasty, dish that’s just a touch more exotic than anything else on the menu.So when you think of Asian dishes that don’t feature a ton of ingredients,

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How to make a falafel sandwich from scratch

A falafell is a falakkha (a kind of deep-fried pita) stuffed with a combination of chickpeas, onions, tomatoes and spices.It’s a staple of a Middle Eastern cuisine, but its popularity in India has exploded in recent years as its popularity has increased in the country’s north.The recipe for this delicious

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How to cook for the whole family with these Indian recipes

Learn to make these delicious Nepalese dishes from the comfort of your home.We’ll take you through how to prepare them in your kitchen, so you can have the most authentic taste of your favorite foods.

Thai cuisine: The best in the world

LATE SUMMER is the time of the year when restaurants in Thailand start popping up.The restaurants, which are popular and can earn good money, are a good alternative to hotels and other nightlife venues, as there are no long lines and restaurants often close early to avoid traffic jams.But in

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How to cook Chinese dishes in Singapore

Chinese cuisine is a staple of many Singaporeans and their families.Its a mix of traditional Chinese and modern Asian dishes and has been a cornerstone of Singapore’s cuisine for generations.Its been a favourite among many Singaporean families since the 1960s.Here are some tips to get you started.1.Chopped peanuts can be

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When Christine’s cooking is your style: An Australian-inspired menu guide

AUSTRALIAN FUSION FOOD: AUSTRIA’S FOOD HISTORY: Aussie food is very much a global phenomenon.And in this series of articles, we’ll look at how Australian cooking traditions have shaped the world’s cuisines, and the cuisine that has come to define them.The first series looked at Australian food traditions from ancient times

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What is Frida Mexican Cuisine?

Now that you know more about the history and cuisine of Frida Maestas country, you can start to understand why she is still revered by the locals. Here’s what you need to know about Frida and her country.1.Her name means “thousand”.Frida Mey is the only indigenous woman to be considered a

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Thai cuisine restaurant named for Thais who survived Nazi occupation

Thailand has been named as one of the most important destinations in Southeast Asia for people who survived the Nazi occupation.In the name of the Thais, an honorary restaurant named after the Thaksin Shinawatra, is set to open in Bangkok on Oct. 6, according to the Bangkok Post.The establishment will

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Which restaurant is the most popular in Houston?

HUBERTVILLE, Texas — Which restaurant is more popular in Texas than its namesake?A new restaurant guide published by Eater and restaurant ratings website TripAdvisor has found that the famous Texas-style pizza chain Pizzeria del Cucamonga ranks the top spot in Houston, with more than 50,000 daily visits and a 4.7

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