How do you make a meal that’s both affordable and delicious?

The answer is simple: just go for the cheap stuff.

Queen’s restaurant, Habib’s Restaurant, was featured in the new Netflix series Queen.

But what about the food?

We’re not talking the usual cheap fare like fries and spaghetti sauce here.

Instead, we’re talking the basics like the chicken dish and the chicken salad.

And as for the food itself?

It’s definitely not cheap.

For $15, you get the three courses, two of which are prepared on the grill.

The rest are served in bowls.

And that’s not the only problem with the restaurant.

You’ll need to make your own sauces and toppings.

And you’re required to get your own rice cooker, which, if you’re looking for a good one, will cost $99.99.

And it’s not just a question of the price of the meal.

The dish itself isn’t cheap either, either.

It has a base of meat and vegetables, along with some herbs, spices and cheese, but it’s the sauce that’s really expensive.

It costs $8.99 for four servings, and it’s pretty much the only thing that you can eat for less than $20.

That’s not a problem if you’ve got a family of four or more, but for a single person it’s a bit of a problem.

You might think the sauce is really cheap, but you’re not buying yourself anything that’s worth $100.

And what about that “freebie” chicken?

The $10 chicken dinner will make you feel like you’ve made some kind of culinary goldmine, right?

But it’s only available on the day it’s delivered to your home.

So what if you need a little extra?

There’s also the option to get a chicken dinner for $10, which will bring you back to $30 for a full meal.

If you’re worried about the cost of a meal, you can also take a shortcut and eat a few of the dishes yourself.

It’s a quick and easy way to save a bit more.

For example, the King Crab with garlic and lemon, or the Chicken Tenderloin with shrimp, carrots and onions.

Or perhaps you need some extra protein.

You can buy the whole chicken or just a portion.

Or even cook a chicken from scratch.

You can save money by making a meal at home.

But don’t feel like a fool if you can’t afford to eat at a restaurant.

The good news is that you don’t need to pay extra for the meal yourself.

You only have to make a small number of changes to your kitchen to save money.

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