What is the food at the Malaysian restaurant that the Trump administration has threatened to shut down?

The Trump administration’s threat to close down the Malay restaurant in Washington DC has angered some Malay restaurants, with the restaurant’s owner saying that they are “still struggling to make a living” after the government’s order.

The restaurant’s manager, Fadzil Ahmed, said the restaurant was forced to shut its doors because it was facing a financial crisis and “not being able to continue to do what we do.”

The government has also threatened to close the Malayan restaurant in New York, according to the Associated Press.

Fadza Ali said that while he was “still trying to make money” at the restaurant, the government “could shut down the restaurant anytime” and “if they can shut down our restaurant, it would be devastating.”

Fadzi said the government was attempting to impose its “fiscal order” and that the restaurant “is not doing anything wrong.”

According to the Washington Post, the restaurant is one of several in Washington, DC, that serve up Malaysian cuisine and that serves up to 70 percent of the menu in their kitchens.

FADZIL ALI (@FadziAliy) March 22, 2021 The Trump Administration also ordered the closure of the Thai restaurant in Maryland, which serves about 10,000 people.

“If you go to the Thai Restaurant in DC, you will see that they do not have enough staff to run their restaurant.

They have a very small staff, only five or six people, so it’s a very challenging situation,” Fadzu Ali said.

“I’m not the only one who is struggling, there are other restaurants in Washington that are also struggling.”

The restaurant is located at 10th and Connecticut Streets in the heart of the city, and is run by former US Marine Corps Colonel and Thai restaurant owner Aung Tawak, who served as an advisor to President Donald Trump.

The Washington Post reported that the Department of Homeland Security said it is looking into the closure, but added that “it is premature to speculate about its impact on restaurants.”

FADZI ALI also said that he had received a letter from the Department’s Office of Management and Budget saying that the closure would affect the restaurant and its employees.

The letter stated that the “government will take steps to reduce costs and support restaurant operations” and would “help resolve any financial issues in the restaurant.”

However, according the Post, no decision has been made about whether the restaurant will be closed.

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