‘The best place in Europe to eat’: Inside the restaurants in Piedmont

Piedmont, France – There’s a restaurant in the middle of a medieval courtyard, with a wooden table and an old leather chair.

On the opposite side is a large, open-air restaurant, decorated with antique pictures and portraits.

“The best spot in Europe is here,” says Karine Pappier, chef of the restaurant, in an interview with the BBC.

Pappy has spent a long time cooking with her husband, who is a chef in France’s National Bureau for Culinary Research (Bureau) in Paris.

“We started with French dishes, then we tried everything, and then we went back to Italy, then the United States and finally Turkey,” says Pappir, who was born in Pescara in southern Italy.

She started working as a chef and has now opened the first restaurant in Pies in about 20 years.

Her restaurant, which has a Michelin star, is a reflection of her passion for cooking, but it is also a reflection on the history of Piedmonst, a city in southern France with a rich and diverse history.

She says that as a child growing up, she had always been interested in food, and as an adult, she became passionate about her culinary skills.

Her parents are French immigrants, and Pappi grew up in a family of immigrants.

She and her mother taught her about the food of Pies.

The Piedmons’ home is in the heart of Pie, a small, rural town in southern Piedmin, France.

Pied Monst is the capital of France’s western Pyrénées province, a region known for its wine, wine, and cheese, and for its heritage of the French military.

It’s an area with a strong history of immigrants, many of them former members of the British military who settled in the region in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Pies is also famous for its many restaurants and restaurants that were originally opened by immigrants, some of whom had family in Britain, such as the former British-run Boulogne Boulangerie, where you can find a number of classic and modern restaurants.

“This is my story of the history and the heritage of this area,” Pappie says.

The restaurant has a history that dates back to the 17th century.

“It started when the first Muslim came here in the 1730s, and they wanted to have a restaurant for themselves.

They didn’t want to make a contribution to the town and so they set up their own restaurant.

We have a history of that,” she says.

“I have my grandmother, and my father’s grandmother, who brought them here.

My grandfather was from the north and my grandmother from the south.

So, my grandmother’s father is from the Piedmans, so he came from Piedmen.”

PiedMONST is the only Piedonst restaurant in France.

The area is rich in history.

“For me, PiedMonst is a place of history, and I love it, because it’s here, it’s my history, it makes me happy,” says Mariette Papper, Pies’ director of business development.

The first Piedons, who arrived in Pie in 1731, brought a strong sense of tradition and history with them.

The town’s name is derived from the region’s first Christian church, built in 1716.

Pie was also named after the family of Piero Piedman, a 16th-century bishop.

“And, so, PieMonst, it was the name of a restaurant, because of Pius Pied, the bishop who founded Pied.

Pius was the first bishop of Piazza del Vittorio, the famous chapel in Piazzale, in Venice.

The name Pied is Latin for ‘beautiful.’

And the Pies are from the family Pieds, which is Pied’s ancestors,” Pied says.

Pypier says the Pys are proud of the Pypies, who are descendants of immigrants who came to Piedmoont and built a community.

“They are descendants from the British colonial era, so they are descendants.

They are descendants because they were from the 1760s and 1770s, so there was a tradition that came here,” she explains.

Mariete Pappiere says Pied was also a haven for immigrants.

“Pied is a community, it has been a city, and there is a history in the city of Pio.

It was a community that had a strong identity,” she tells the BBC’s Inside Story programme.

PYPIES, PIES, AND THE RIVER Pied monst is known for being one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

It is also one of its poorest

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