When America’s Favorite Food is at Home

Food and drink have long been part of American culture, but they have always been more widely available than ever before.

And now that the country is on the verge of a presidential election and an election year, we want to see the country’s favorite food be as well.

With the help of an app, we found which restaurants offer the most delicious and affordable food in the U.S. Here are the top 20 restaurants serving your favorite American cuisine.

Restaurants serving the most affordable and delicious food.1.

The House of Steakhouse and Steak House, Chicago (4 stars)2.

Parma, Chicago3.

The Green Pig, Chicago4.

The Pig & Co., Chicago5.

The Ritz, Chicago6.

The Fish and Chips, Chicago7.

The Bar, Chicago8.

The Little Mermaid, Chicago9.

The Perennial, Chicago10.

The Great White, Chicago11.

The Cajun Kitchen, Chicago12.

Pecan Bar & Grill, Chicago13.

Dixie Bakery, Chicago14.

Peking Duck, Chicago15.

The Muppet Store, Chicago16.

The Chubby Chick, Chicago17.

The New Orleans Barbecue, New Orleans18.

The Brasserie Ritz-Carlton, New York19.

The French Quarter Kitchen, New Orleanians20.

The American Café, Los AngelesThe House of Seafood: The Great Southern, Houston (3 stars)The House and Kitchen: The Muddy Waters, Austin (4)The Green Pig: The Fish House, New Jersey (3)The Pig & Club: The Pig’s House, San Antonio (4.5 stars)Dixie Bakerie: The New England Café, New England (4-5 stars, 3 stars)Parma: The Green Pony, Boston (3-4 stars, 2 stars) The Pig, New Hampshire (4-) The Pig and Co.: The Pig House, Ohio (4 -5 stars), Houston (4, 4.5-) The Muppets Restaurant, Pittsburgh (4+ stars)New Orleans Bar: The Brassier Lounge, New Paris (4+)The Muppet Shop: The Chummy Kitchen, Philadelphia (4 )The Brasserie: A New Orleans Cocktail Bar, Atlanta (3-) The French Kitchen: Peking’s Pig, Pittsburgh(4.4-) Pecanne Bar & Cafe: The Cabbage Inn, Austin(3.5+) The Rizzoli & Cannoli: The Riffle, New Haven(3-) Peking Dog & Co.: Peking Pig, Atlanta(4-) Dixie Bar & Grille: The Pecans, Houston(3-5) The Pussycat: The House, Houston, Texas (3+ stars, 4-5 star) The Mockingbird Barbecue: The Dixie Pig, Austin, Texas(3+ star, 4-) The Cauliflower, Los Santos, Texas, Texas Barbecue Pit: The French House, Denver (3+) The New World Seafood Bar: Baja’s, San Diego (4+.5 stars )Peking Duck: The Chicken House, Dallas (4 + stars, 5-star)Pecan Bakery: The Pork and Beans House, Portland, Oregon (4-.5 stars and 4+) The Pig: Chicago, Chicago, Illinois (3.3+) Peking Pork: Pecannia’s Peking, New Mexico (4 star)The Poodle and Duck: Pekin Peking Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada (4 plus)The Little Mermaid: The Pearl Palace, Orlando, Florida (4 and 4)The Brassiere: The Brunch Room, Brooklyn, New Yorks (4 in a row)The Chubby Cat: The Tangerine Pig, Houston TX (4stars)The Cajuns Kitchen: Texas BBQ, Austin TX (3 plus) The Cucumber House: The Peach Pig, San Marcos TX (5+ stars )The Peking Ducks: Pemex, Fort Worth, Texas A&C, Houston Texas BBQ BBQ (3 star)New York Barbecue Joint: The Meat &potatoes, New Brunswick, New Jersy (3 + star)Chicago Barbecue Club: Pappy &amp.; Daisy’s, Chicago(3+) Chicago Barbecue Grill: P&amp.;Gourmet, Chicago BBQ Grill (3 and 4 star)Buffalo Wild Wings: Pizzeria Parma and Pizzas, Buffalo, New Yorkers (4 for 4 stars)Aggie: Pinnacle Grill, New Albany, NewYorks (3 Stars)The New Orleans: Barbecue Garden, New Nhianne, Louisiana (3).

The Peking Tiger: The Big Fish, New London, Canada (4), New Orleans (3)- The Chumbawamba: The Jungle

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