Cantonese dishes for the all-conquering, with more than 20 dishes from around the world.

The most popular dish on the list, “Chinese-style” fried chicken, comes from the province of Hubei.

The dish is made with pork belly, fried chicken bones and a sweet, salty sauce.

“You can also make it with chicken, pork or beef and vegetables,” the post explains.

Some other popular dishes include:   Crispy fish-fried rice:  “If you want a real classic, you can’t go wrong with this recipe,” the recipe notes.

 Taco salad:  “It’s like a tortilla with fried shrimp inside, which is a perfect combination of crispy and salty,” the dish explains.

“You’ll probably get your hands on a bottle of this once you order.”

Tofu-fried chicken: “This is a staple dish in a lot of Chinese restaurants and many of them are actually open for lunch and dinner,” the site explains.

“You can have this dish at home for a few hundred dollars, or you can order it as a takeaway from a restaurant or buy it in bulk from a local store.

You can get it from any Asian market.”

Chicken-fried noodle: The noodle is made using fish and seafood, which means the dish is easy to make.

“You’ll find lots of noodle shops selling fish noodle at the grocery store, but if you’re in a hurry, you could try making your own,” the website explains. 

Fish sauce: Fish is also a popular ingredient, with the sauce being made from fish oil, soy sauce, fish broth, garlic, ginger, and soy sauce.

The site also features several more Cantonesian dishes, including the Cantonese fried chicken sandwich, which includes fried chicken wings, chicken salad and chicken soup.

A few more dishes from China that are good for the whole family: Crisp tofu soup: “This soup is filled with fresh, crunchy tofu and topped with a spicy-sweet soy sauce sauce and a handful of scallions,” the restaurant explains.

It also includes a variety of dishes, such as a chicken salad, chicken fried rice and chicken noodle.

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