‘A lot of people don’t know what Korean cuisine is’: Chef de cuisine debuts at New York City event

New York (CNN) The menu at Chef de Cuisine in New York’s Times Square this week was a mix of familiar American dishes, but with a new twist.

Chef David S. Choi, who has been serving Korean cuisine in New Jersey and Texas for nearly a decade, had to create a new menu, one that was unique to the American city.

Choi, whose first restaurant, the New York restaurant Gourmet, is now closed, said he wanted to bring back something that was more authentic.

His new menu features dishes like Korean buns, rice noodles and fried rice that you wouldn’t usually see at restaurants.

Choi said he wants to make the dishes a bit more palatable, and bring in local ingredients that are popular in New Yorkers.

He is also introducing a Korean-inspired take on Chinese food, like stir fried noodles and pork-and-chicken dishes.

Chois’ goal is to give New Yorkers the experience of dining in a Korean restaurant, where they can pick from the usual menu items, or choose to get a few of his specialties.

Choin, who is also the founder of the Korean American Restaurant Association, is bringing a lot of the excitement and excitement of the restaurant scene in New Yorks.

He said he hopes his restaurant will become an extension of that scene.

Cho’s menu is one of a number of New York restaurants to showcase a Korean menu this year.

The first event is being held this week in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.

Cho and his team will be showcasing Korean cuisine at this weekend’s New York Times Square restaurant event.

There will also be an opening dinner Friday night, which is a special event for those in attendance.

Cho said he will have his staff make sure all the dishes are cooked to order and ready to go.

The dishes are going to be prepared in front of an audience, he said.

The main course is going to consist of traditional Korean-style beef and chicken with a combination of vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Cho also is offering a special Korean-American special menu that will be available on the menu.

The menu will include Korean-fried rice with an egg on top, Korean-wrapped meatballs, Korean fried noodles, Korean and Chinese noodles, a traditional Korean dish, and Korean and American vegetables.

There will also not only be a Korean BBQ buffet and a Korean fusion restaurant, but a Korean bar and restaurant, Cho said.

He is also opening a Korean and Korean-themed restaurant at the Chelsea Marriott.

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