Aussie chef prepares new food to serve up to 1 million meals for royal family

LUCKNOW: The Aussie chefs who were at the centre of the royal visit to India for the coronavirus outbreak are back with a new recipe, one that can cater for one million meals.

A cookbook has been launched, with the recipes being tailored to each royal family member.

It will be released in the UK and the US, India and South Africa in the coming days.

In India, the cookbook is titled ‘The India Royal Family’ and features recipes for meals that will be served at the royal family’s official residence at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

The cookbook was launched with the help of the International Culinary Society, a trade group.

A cookbooks is a popular way of marketing the cooking skills of people with special skills.

The group’s director, Rajendra Mishra, said he wanted to bring the recipes to a wider audience and highlight the special talents of the chefs involved in the royal tour.

“The cookbooks have been an important part of the process to bring out the culinary talents of these chefs to the public,” he said.

He said the cookbooks were part of an effort to bring people together to help people through the coronivirus pandemic.

In India the cook books were originally designed for the US embassy, but were used by Indian officials.

While the recipes in the cook book are specific to each individual family member, the recipes are not for a single person.

India’s foreign ministry has asked the International Council of Culinary Arts, an organisation that works to develop international culinary skills, to create a cookbook with the new recipes.

The new cookbook comes just weeks after the Indian government launched a cook book called ‘Kisan’ that highlights the skills of Indian chefs.

It is a follow-up to ‘The New India’ which was launched in December 2015.

Development Is Supported By

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