Food blogger gets paid $3,000 for posting a recipe on ‘hottest restaurant list’

A food blogger who made $3.3 million in one year on the hottest restaurant list has been paid a $3 million prize.

A source close to the family told Reuters that the couple who runs the popular food blog The Bistro, who go by the online name of Hainan Chang, was given the $3m prize by the Chinese government, and will be the first Chinese to win the prize.

The $3M prize was announced on the website of the state-run media Xinhua news agency on Wednesday.

Chang has made more than 300,000 posts on the popular blog, which he started in 2009.

He has become one of the most popular Chinese food bloggers in the world, with more than 20 million views on his Instagram account.

He also has a YouTube channel and has published recipes for his blog.

In a statement, Hainans Food blog said that the government’s $3million prize was an “honour” for its staff and customers.

“We have not received any payment from the Chinese authorities yet but our family is very grateful for this honor and are eager to share it with our loyal readers,” the blog said.

It added that the Chinese Government had given Chang a lifetime prize of $7.2 million to encourage others to follow his passion for food.

The award is a significant win for Chang, whose blog has attracted more than a million views.

He previously earned millions for publishing recipes for restaurants including the Michelin-starred Shangri-La, in Hong Kong.

The Hainann Chang blog has seen an increase in subscribers since the award was announced, with almost a million subscribers on Wednesday alone.

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