Thai restaurant chains to sell chicken curry and beef curry to consumers

Thais will soon have their own way of eating, and not just with their own meats.

As Thai restaurants start to open up to Western customers, Thai food purveyors are taking advantage of a booming market for domestic ingredients.

Thai food purveys will soon offer chicken curry, a dish of chicken stewed in coconut milk and rice, and beef stewed with carrots, mushrooms and potatoes, according to a report by Bangkok Post.

The dishes will be available for purchase on the menu in restaurants and at food stalls, and they will be sold with a variety of sauces, including coconut milk curry sauce, red curry sauce and yellow curry sauce.

Customers can also get Thai chicken curry by dipping it into curry paste, which has been added to the mix to give the dish a richer, richer taste.

The sauce will cost about US$6.50, which Thai restaurant owners will be able to sell to the public.

The chicken curry will be popular among tourists who will be tempted by the taste of curry sauce that is often associated with Thai cuisine, but is also popular in the U.S.

The U.K. restaurant chain Noodle and the London-based Thai restaurant chain Tandoori have announced plans to sell their Thai dishes to U.W. customers as well.

A menu listing for the Thai chicken and beef dishes is being prepared at a Thai restaurant in Los Angeles, according the Wall Street Journal.

The Thai chicken dish will be priced at US$11.50 and the beef dish at US $12.50.

Noodle and Tandurri have said they have been approached by Western customers about ordering their Thai curry, but that they have no plans to take part.

A spokesman for Noodle told the Wall St. Journal that the company would not be offering the Thai dishes in the United States.

Tandooris head of Thai cuisine Rachakorn Thaksinangkul said in a statement to the Wall Journal that he hopes to offer the Thai dish in the Western markets soon.

He said that the curry sauce has been used in Thailand for centuries.

Thailand has a large curry market, with about 70 restaurants serving the dish.

Many of the Thai restaurants have taken advantage of the boom in the curry market by offering the dishes as part of their menu.

In some cases, the menus are also offered at a discount to tourists, according Toomak Chulpanom, a senior editor at The Bangkok Post, who has visited restaurants serving Thai dishes.

The restaurants that cater to the curry craze are not the only ones to offer Thai food as part the menu.

Many upscale Thai restaurants offer other dishes, including chicken curry rice, chicken curry stew and chicken curry chicken.

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