Which food is best in Israel?

Haaretz: “I was asked whether I thought Israel has a lot to offer the world.

And I said: It has.

But it has to do with the cuisine.

If it’s delicious, the country has to be known.

The rest is history.”

(Haaretz) “A Jewish-style burger, a Jewish-styled chicken sandwich, a halvah, a shofar, a kashrut (religious law) law.

It’s the way I would like to live my life.

You can do the same for every single thing in the country.

The cuisine, the lifestyle.

And if it’s not so good, it has nothing to do, it’s just an accident.”

(Jewish Journalist) “It’s an embarrassment to Israel that we have a foreign chef at the head of the country and that he’s not an Israeli.

This is something that we can’t do.

If you want to eat in Israel, you have to be an Israeli.”

(Foreign correspondent) “Israel has become a very secular country, with no religion.

If someone asks me about my religion, I have to tell them that I’m a Muslim.

They have no problem with that.

I don’t have to wear a kippa, I don.

If I wear a shawl, I can be as secular as I want to be.”

(The Economist) “I’ve come to a very important decision in my life: I’m leaving Israel.”

(Israeli journalist) “If I were to go back to Israel and start my own restaurant, I would have a Jewish chef, and I’d take my name from Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the rabbi of Jerusalem, and we’d have the same kind of cuisine.

That would be fine.”

(Apostle of the Most Holy Name) “To me, if I’m going to be a Jewish man, it means that I want my wife to wear an ark.

I want her to be circumcised.”

(Knesset member) “The food is great, the people are great.

The government is great.

They’re not afraid of anything.

They don’t hide anything.

I’ve come here for so long, and everything is fine.

There’s nothing wrong with it.”

(JTA) “People are always telling me, ‘The best thing you can do is come to Israel.’

It’s great.

But I think, well, if you go there, you should be able to do everything.”

(Jerusalem Post) “This is a country where you can have a beer and go to the beach, and there’s no problem.

But in Israel you can’t have a glass of wine.

You have to go to a hotel.”

(Crown Prince of Jordan) “There are many things I love about Israel: It’s beautiful, it is a beautiful place, and the people live there.

They are kind, they are good people, and they don’t let you down.

The people are always nice, and it is very comfortable.”

(Likud MK) “In Israel, we have an extremely small population, we don’t even have enough for the entire population.

We’re just left with an extremely large number of refugees and people who have no home.

But Israel is a land of promise, a land where everything is possible.”

(Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) “We live in a country with a population of 10 million people.

We have the best restaurants, the best shopping and the best cafes.

The country is full of promise.

It is a wonderful place.

But we have to realize that, even if we have this huge population, there is a problem: We can’t give everyone everything.

We are not allowed to give everyone the same opportunities.”

(Times of Israel) “Every person who wants to come to the country should go.

The reason why you should go is because you’re an Israeli and you have the right to go.

But if you don’t want to go, you are not welcome.

It means that you are a failure.

And we need to realize this: There are many good people living in Israel.

But that doesn’t mean they should be given every opportunity.”

(Yesh Atid Party MK)

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