Mumbai restaurant owners say they’re fighting back

Bombay restaurant owners in Mumbai are refusing to open after the government issued a ban on their business, and they say they are ready to take on the authorities to get their businesses reinstated.

In an interview with The Times of India, owner of a Mumbai restaurant, Shri.

Bhaskar Bhaskaran, said, “Bombay has the largest number of restaurants per capita in the world, and if we were to open, we would be facing severe inconvenience to the people of the city.

We have to do what we have to to do.”

He said he was willing to fight the ban, saying, “The government wants to put restrictions on us.

The government has decided to impose a ban.”

He added, “We are ready for whatever happens, because we are the most popular restaurants in Mumbai.”

He went on to say, “I am a restaurateur, and I have to open up to the public.

It is a matter of safety and security for us, and we have not been given any reasons to be afraid.”

He added, saying that the government had told him that they have a ban, but the restaurants have not received any response.


Srinivas Khosla, the president of the Mumbai Restaurant Association (MRA), said that the ban was being carried out under the pretext of public order.

“We have been receiving calls from the police to shut down our establishments.

We are ready and ready to fight against this,” he said.

Shri Khoslakar, who is also the chairman of the Maharashtra Restaurant Association, said the police were trying to silence the restaurant owners and that they were being harassed.

“It is an attempt to shut our restaurants down,” he told The Times.

He added that the police was asking restaurants owners to shut up because they were against the new ban.

The government has said that it is seeking an investigation into the allegations that a banned restaurant in Mumbai was being used as a cover for drug trafficking and extortion.

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