Top Indian restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne with curry dishes

This article originally appeared on TechRadars India blog, a sister site to The Hindu.

The Indian restaurant scene is booming, with over 100 new eateries opening in Sydney every month.

In Melbourne, there are nearly 1,000 restaurants and a number of eateries are being expanded.

It’s no surprise that the curry restaurants are popular in India.

Indian restaurants are known for their authentic, high quality and flavourful cuisine.

They offer an authentic taste of home, while also catering to the Indian diaspora.

In Sydney, there is a large number of Indian restaurants serving curry dishes.

The best curry restaurants in the city are listed below.

Here are the top Indian restaurants of Sydney and the Melbourne metropolitan area:Top Indian Restaurants in Sydney (from the top to the bottom)Alhamdulillah Restaurant, Southbank, Sydney: This is the place to be for curry in Sydney.

It has been serving authentic Indian food for over 40 years.

The restaurant has a full-service restaurant as well as a rooftop restaurant.

The main restaurant is located at 7.15 St Marys Street, Southwark.

Krishna Bhati, South Bank: Located at the heart of the Southbank precinct, this is a very popular restaurant for curry.

It also has a rooftop dining room and an upstairs lounge area for a cosy dining experience.

Rajeev Kaur, Westfield, Sydney City Centre: Located in Westfield Park, this restaurant is the first restaurant to serve a large curry meal.

It is one of the oldest Indian restaurants to serve Indian food.

The curry is served at the restaurant, and you can also take a break to soak up the freshness of the food.

It’s a popular curry restaurant in the CBD, and is popular with tourists and locals alike.

Kiran Varma, Minto, Southbridge, Sydney CBD: This restaurant offers a traditional Indian meal.

Its served on a wide variety of Indian dishes.

The menu is full of regional Indian flavours.

The restaurant is one block from the CBD.

The Kolkata Curry House, Merton, Merton: This curry house is popular in the Westfield area.

It serves Indian and Indian-inspired dishes.

There are also vegetarian and vegan options.

It offers a large selection of Indian and non-Indian dishes.

Curry, Mumbai, Mumbai: This popular curry place is situated in the Indian-dominated area of the Indian metropolis.

It boasts a large restaurant area and the restaurant offers large portions of Indian food and traditional dishes.

It features a large Indian buffet and is also famous for its large Indian desserts.

The curry house has become a tourist attraction in the area, and has been one of Mumbai’s favourite places for curry-eating.

Bhuvneshwar Dixit, South Yarra, Melbourne: The restaurant offers the traditional Indian menu in the popular Indian restaurant area.

There is also a rooftop buffet area for dining on the rooftop.

Sri Lankan restaurant, Pune, Pukepumpur, Melbourne CBD: A large number, and even a large portion, of Sri Lankan cuisine is served in Pune.

The food is fresh and authentic.

It even offers a dessert section for the taste buds.

It was the first Sri Lankans restaurant to be named the best in the world.

It currently serves up a number new dishes.

Here is the menu at the Sri Lankanic restaurant:The Indian buffet is located in the restaurant.

It is a popular spot for curry eaters in Melbourne.

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