How to Get Away with Eating a Burger in Thailand

With a $4.99 burger at the Cambodian restaurant you’re supposed to have, that’s a lot of money for a burger that comes with fries and a beer.

But not all Cambodian food is made of rice and gravy.

If you can get away with eating a burger made with pork, beef, and chicken, you can probably get away without the fries and beer.

But how?

A Thai McDonald’s restaurant, called Khao Khao, opened in Thailand’s capital city Phnom Penh in December.

The burger joint is part of the McDonald’s chain, but it’s one of the few places that offers burgers made from whole, wild, local ingredients, which make up most of the menu.

The burger joint serves up burgers that look like the traditional hamburger, with a bun and fries on the side.

A portion of the food comes with a drink or a salad, and it’s served with a straw, which the menu says should be kept in the refrigerator to prevent spoilage.

Khao Khet’s owners, Dong Nguyen and Dhamkham Phraith, told The Huffington Post they’re not interested in selling a regular hamburger at the restaurant.

“The burger is not for sale, because it is not authentic Thai food,” they said.

Instead, they’re looking for a new burger recipe, which would involve substituting pork for the traditional bun, but with a lot less calories.

“We are looking for something that would be tasty, with the right amount of protein,” Dong said.

“You should be able to taste the difference in taste between the burger and the traditional Thai burger,” said Dham, a food science professor at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

“If you can taste the different flavors in the meat, then you can say it’s Thai, or it’s Chinese, or whatever.

It’s a great way to differentiate yourself.”

The menu at the Khao khao restaurant, Phnom Peet, says that the burger will be served with fries, but you should be prepared to serve it with a beverage or salad as well.

“A drink is okay, too,” Dham said.

“It can be served as a salad or with some fresh fruit.”

It sounds like a lot to ask for a single burger, but the owners said they’re willing to do it if the demand is there.

“There is a demand for this kind of food,” Dung said.

The menu says the burgers come with two sides, which are grilled chicken and rice.

You can also get fries with a beer and a drink.

You’ll be able pick your burger size and order the burger to order.

“When you order the burgers, you have to pick the side you want,” said Nguyen.

“You don’t get two choices.”

You can order two burgers, two sides.

“For the two-cheese burger, we would ask for half of a chicken and half of rice,” Dng said.

But you can order either with a single piece of chicken or with two pieces of chicken.

“I think the taste is better,” Dang said.

Nguyen and Phraist said they think the demand for their new burgers is growing quickly.

“They sell out almost every day,” Nguyen said.

That’s because customers are so hungry.

“We’ve had more customers come in with the food, than we ever had in the past,” Phraism said.

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