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HAVANA, Cuba — The Great Wall, or Great Wall II, has been an ongoing theme in Cuba since 1959.

Cuban-American President Raul Castro has made the wall an integral part of his foreign policy agenda, even building it himself and paying for it through the countrys tourism industry.

But how many people know the history behind it?

And what exactly are they eating at?

Here are the basics: The wall is one of the most iconic images of the Cold War era, the Cold Warrior in the Cold Wars.

During the Cold Warriors era, there was a huge difference between how the world viewed Cuba and the United States, according to historian John Dehlin.

For many, the wall represented an enemy and an enemy of the United Nations, as well as the Coldwar, and a symbol of Soviet domination and oppression.

Its symbolism has also been deeply affected by its political, social and economic history.

To this day, it is the focus of a fierce debate between Cuba and its Communist foes.

What is it?

The Great Wall is a complex structure made of a series of interconnected towers that spans 3,400 square miles (5,800 square kilometers).

It spans the Strait of Gibraltar, the easternmost point on the Caribbean Sea and is about 70 miles (115 kilometers) wide.

The entire wall is 1,800 miles (1,800 kilometers) long, and is made up of multiple towers, many of them hundreds of meters tall, that rise up from the Atlantic Ocean, sometimes to the height of 1,500 meters (566 feet) and some as high as 4,500 meter (12,000 feet).

What are they called?

The great wall, or wall, is the most famous and iconic symbol of the Soviet Union and Cuba’s communist rule.

It stands at the northern edge of the Great Pyrenees in the Spanish-speaking region of Tenerife, a vast area that was the Soviet base during World War II.

It was also the home of the Black Sea Fleet, the first aircraft carrier and the only one that was not built from scratch.

It also is where the first Soviet military bases were located.

While the wall is a symbol, many people in Cuba have trouble getting to know it.

It is hard to find restaurants and bars that serve food there.

Most of the restaurants in Havana and other major cities don’t serve anything related to the wall.

This is due in part to the cultural barriers and the fact that it is difficult to get to it from the mainland.

In addition, the border between Cuba, Spain and Portugal is extremely narrow.

Many of the more than 150,000 Cubans who live in Cuba are not allowed to visit Cuba without having permission from the Cuban government.

This also means that they are limited in the choices they can eat.

So why do people eat it?

In Cuba, the food is very popular, and many of the people there are accustomed to it.

Cubaans eat in large groups of around 30 people.

Most Cuban families live in small apartments, which are often furnished with a small kitchen, a dishwasher, an oven and refrigerator, among other things.

In these apartments, most of the food comes from restaurants and restaurants serve a wide variety of cuisines.

A Cuban restaurant can also serve more than one meal a day, so the dishes are made by hand.

The food is usually made of rice, beans, pork, vegetables, meats and fish.

The food also comes in small, plain plates.

The Cuban food is not always served with rice and beans, which is a traditional dish for the island’s southern regions.

If a Cuban does want to eat a traditional meal, it usually takes two or three days to prepare it, as many restaurants have limited capacity.

The Cuban food comes in different forms.

In Havana, it can be served in small bowls and can also be eaten cold, with or without meat.

But most of Cubans also prefer the taste of spicy food, which they believe to be a part of the heritage of the Cuban people.

The traditional cuisine in Cuba is also very popular with expatriates.

In addition to the food, the walls are also home to a variety of other cultural and social activities.

There are many popular clubs, like the Cultural Club, the Cuban Dance Club and the Havana Folk Club.

These groups meet in public places to celebrate different cultural festivals.

It can be a popular night out for students and workers, or a more intimate time for older Cubans.

Most of the Cubans are also able to enjoy the outdoor entertainment in the park called Havana Park.

There, people dance, sing and dance their hearts out to the music of Cuban artists and performers.

The history of the wall has been well documented and a lot of people have been fascinated by it.

Here is a list

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