How Thai-Indonesian food is a cultural treasure, and why it’s getting better

As one of Asia’s biggest export markets, Thailand is an export hub for Indian cuisine, and Indian cuisine is getting better all the time.

And that trend is continuing in India.

In fact, in 2017, the country exported more than $9 billion worth of Indian food to its largest trading partner, Australia.

Thai food is increasingly appreciated in Australia, too, as its curry dishes and desserts are popular with the growing middle class in Australia’s coastal cities.

But the food that Thai food has been known for, from its prawn patties to its fried shrimp, is not always readily available in Australia.

That’s why we’re here to take a look at what Thai food you should try in Australia if you’re looking for something different from the norm.

What’s Thai?

For Thai food to truly be Indian, it needs to be both local and culturally distinct, so it’s worth trying to find a Thai restaurant near you.

And if you can’t find it near you, that’s fine.

If you’re not looking for a Thai-style food experience, you can try a Thai takeaway, such as the one on the corner of Kings Road and Maitland Road.

Or try a food truck, like the one in South Yarra.

A Thai takeaway food truck on Kings Road in South Adelaide, South Australia.

A typical Thai takeaway.

There are plenty of options around the city, from the well-known “Siam” food truck to local food trucks such as Dhammachai.

In the meantime, here are some of the best places to try Thai food in Australia: 1.

Dhammeak Thai restaurant in South Australia’s Central Coast.

This Thai takeaway restaurant is located in the heart of South Adelaide’s South Central Business District.

Dhammeaks Thai Restaurant on Kings Rd in South East Adelaide, SA.

The menu is filled with Thai classics such as baharat, fried chicken, curry prawns, beef curry, and many other dishes.

A huge bowl of beef curry will set you back around $50.


South Adelaide Food and Wine Festival (SA) is an annual event that attracts thousands of people to Adelaide and beyond.

The festival runs every March and features a variety of food and wine tastings, food and drinks demos, food trucks, live entertainment, and much more.

The South Adelaide Festival is a great way to experience Thai food at home, if you have the opportunity to go. 3.

The Tamburri Thai restaurant at Adelaide Airport.

This is a traditional Thai restaurant with a Thai twist.

It’s open 24 hours a day and serves the best of the Thai cuisine at reasonable prices.


The Royal Thai Food Restaurant in South Melbourne.

Located in the city’s north, this Thai restaurant is known for its traditional Thai dishes and great Thai fare.

It has a variety on the menu including fish, beef, lamb, pork, and chicken.


The Boon Nui restaurant in Adelaide.

This South Australian Thai restaurant features the traditional Boon nui and its famous dishes.

It is one of the more popular restaurants in the CBD.


Thai takeaway at St John’s, a Thai street food stall in Adelaide’s CBD.

This stall has a huge range of Thai dishes.


Khao Sam Nui at South Adelaide Art Gallery.

Located near the Arts Gallery, this stall has more than 30 stalls in its large food and drink garden.


Pongpong Prawn & Chicken on Maitlands Road in Adelaide, Victoria.

This restaurant offers delicious dishes from all over Asia, including chicken and beef, pork and lamb, seafood, rice, noodle dishes, and more.


Dang Khai Thai restaurant on Kingsway in South West Adelaide.

Dangs Khao Thai is a popular Thai restaurant serving classic and modern Thai dishes that can be enjoyed at home or on a budget.


Kuchai Thai Restaurant in Adelaide South West.

KChai is a street food restaurant in the South West that is renowned for its delicious Thai dishes including beef, chicken, and seafood.


Siam Dhamma at Adelaide’s International Airport.

The restaurant has been serving great Thai food since 2006.

The menu is a mix of Thai classics like bahara and fish, with more affordable options.


Thai restaurant off Maitlons Road in West Adelaide, which has an Asian heritage.

The eatery has a wide variety of Thai and Indonesian cuisine, with dishes such as curry, fried rice, fish, pork rinds, shrimp, and beef.


The Thai BBQ in Melbourne’s CBD is a staple of the CBD, serving the best traditional dishes from Asia.


Thai street food stalls in Adelaide CBD. You’ll

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