Which is better? Is a Pakistani dish better?

Is a Pakistan-style dish better than a Kashmiri dish?

Is it better to have a Kashmiro-style meal in India than a Gujarati meal in Pakistan?

Does the difference between a Kashmiru and a Kashmiroo really matter?

The answer is yes, in a lot of ways.

But, in most of the cases, you’re not going to see a big difference between the two, even though it may look like there is.

“It’s not the same,” says Rafiq Aziz, who runs a Mumbai restaurant called Pani Pani.

“You could say it’s just an expression of culture, but it’s actually not.

A lot of Kashmiris eat Pani pani and Kashmiri people eat Kashmiri food.

We call it the Pani Puni.”

The Kashmiri culture is unique in that it’s very different from the Indian culture, says Aziz.

“We have a very different palate.

The Kashmiris are more adventurous and adventurous than Indian people.

We don’t have the same kinds of traditions.”

The most obvious differences between the cultures, according to Aziz are that Kashmiri cuisine is often made with spices and ingredients that are used in a regional Indian food, such as tomatoes and chillies, whereas the Kashmiri diet is generally very low in meat, and the main dishes are mostly prepared in the heat.

While there are some Indian restaurants in Mumbai, most are in the Pune area, and most are located in the south of the city.

A few are in suburban areas such as Vadodara, but most are more than a stone’s throw away from Mumbai’s main shopping malls.

PaniPani’s Kashmiri-style food is popular in the southern parts of Mumbai, where it is known for its Kashmiro cuisine, like its Pani-Biryani and Pani Chutney, and its Kashmiri style dishes like its Tikka Masala and its Kale Pani (which is often served with potatoes and lentils).

“The Pani puni is the closest thing to a Kashmirian food,” says Azaz.

“But the Kashmiris also have their own unique cuisine.

The main difference between Kashmiri and Indian food is that Kashmiris love spicy food.

But we do have a lot more Kashmiro dishes, like Kashmiri naan and Kashmiro biryani.”

Pani Biryani is a popular Kashmiri dessert that has been around for decades in the area, says the restaurant owner.

It is made with coconut, onions, and spices.

The dish is served in two parts, with coconut cream filling and the naan.

Kashmiri dishes are typically very rich and thick and the topping is usually chopped peanuts.

Pannu is another Kashmiri staple that is made from curried tomatoes, onions and spices, but the flavours are usually quite different from those of Indian dishes.

“In Kashmir, they’re more savoury,” says the owner of PaniBiryant.

“Their naan is very rich, but our naan has a lot less curried tomato.”

The restaurant owner is also known as the “master blender” of Kashmiri restaurants, and is also the owner and founder of the Indian food brand Pani Pandi.

“When we opened PaniPandi, we knew we were going to have to change our name,” he says.

“I came up with the name Pani and the name Kashmiri because it means ‘the two’ in Sanskrit.

We were trying to come up with something more appropriate.”

“Kashmiri cuisine has always been a very regional thing,” says Pani Panda’s Rafiqa Aziz and his family.

“Kashingimas cuisine is a little bit more of a regional thing.

You can get Pani pandi at any of the main markets, or you can find Pani puja at your local market.

We have Pani nakshat, Pani paani and even Pani kuch dal.

And it’s a very popular dish in Pune.”

But it is a different story in the other part of Mumbai where Pani’s Pani is most popular, in the Mumbai area.

“A lot of the Kashmiro food is imported,” says Pandit Shanti Bhushan, who owns Pani Puri in North Beach.

“They have imported Kashmiri meat and spices and Kashmiryas cheese, but they’re not the ones making Pani.”

In the north of Mumbai you’ll find a range of ethnic restaurants serving Kashmiri meals.

The most popular are the ones in North Mumbai, and they are located at a number of Indian-run eateries in the neighbourhood, says Bhushain.

“Most of the restaurants have their signature dishes,” he adds.

“The biggest difference between Panipuris and Kashmiris is the Kashmiru’s cheese.

Kashmiru cheese is more

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