What is Frida Mexican Cuisine?

Now that you know more about the history and cuisine of Frida Maestas country, you can start to understand why she is still revered by the locals. 

Here’s what you need to know about Frida and her country.


Her name means “thousand”.

Frida Mey is the only indigenous woman to be considered a “grandmother” of the Philippines. 

Her father, the late Juan Mey, was an agriculturalist and the son of the legendary Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

His wife was the daughter of a local priest who had converted to Catholicism. 

The Mey family were born in the village of Marabuco, in the central province of Cebu, on the Philippines’ main island of Luzon.

Frida’s mother was a devout Catholic, and her father was also a devout priest. 

Frida’s father was known for his fierce hatred of foreigners, especially Filipinos.

In one of her letters to her father, she said, “I have seen Filipinos kill and eat others, as if they were a plague.

And now that I know the name of this Filipino, I hate it.” 

She also wrote, “They were a burden, a curse, and a burden to the Filipino people.

They robbed the Filipinos of their land, they robbed the Filipino children of their innocence, and now they are the ones who are the true victims of the plague.” 

Frideas father, who was an infamous figure in the Filipino political scene, was killed by the communist rebels in the early 1970s. 

As the Mey clan moved to Manila, he had been murdered in a local bar brawl.

 A few years later, Frida met up with her father’s brother and married him. 

“When my father died, he took his wife, I, with him, and we went to live in Manila with the Meys,” Frida wrote in a book called A Grandmother’s Love.

“And so the story goes that when I was young, my father, having seen the misery and oppression that was going on in Manila, decided that I should be his successor.” 

In 1972, a group of rebel fighters raided her home, killing her father and brother and taking their wives.

She fled to the Philippines, where she remained until she died in 1997 at age 92.


Fridas famous father was an important figure in her family.

Fridas mother, who had been an ordained Catholic priest, was a staunch anti-communist and a fierce anti-American.

She and her husband were arrested by communist guerrillas in 1971 and sent to a prison camp in the jungle.

The Meys lived on a farm on the outskirts of Manila, and their son, Josef, was only two years old at the time.

Frideas mother was also an activist for the poor.

She led protests against poor conditions in the country and protested against the United States’ entry into the war in Southeast Asia in 1971.

The Meys were imprisoned for protesting, but when they were released, they returned to Manila.

“When we returned, the communist guards came and took my mother away to a military prison where they beat her, threw her in a cell, and raped her.

Then they took my father away,” Frid’s mother wrote in her memoir, The Great Rescue.

In her memoirs autobiography, Frid, she recounted her life as a child, saying, “It is my experience that all these years of torture and suffering were the punishment for my mother’s protest.”

 She continued, “When I grew up, I realized that the torture was really a punishment for the communists and the American invaders.

I didn’t understand that the communists are innocent and the invaders are guilty.” 

“My mother was not alone.

Many others also suffered because of the oppression,” Fride’s mother said. 


Fridal’s father, Juan Mez, was nicknamed “the Father of Philippine Politics.”

“The Mez brothers are still very popular in Manila,” Fristas father said.

“It’s because of their work for the Philippine people that the country is so rich.”

When her father died in 1975, her mother and sister-in-law were named his grandchildren. 

A decade later, the Mez family began to travel the world, where they would meet famous people, including Fidel Castro, Henry Kissinger, and Prince Andrew. 

But the Mexicans most notable connection came in 1975 when they visited China. 

According to Frida, the Chinese government paid for their stay, and she was given a large sum of money to go to China.

She was asked to attend a meeting with Deng Xiaoping, who in 1978 was elected president of China.

Her mother said, 

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