Why do we hate Chinese food?

China is the world’s second-biggest food market, with annual exports topping $3 trillion and the nation’s economy the second-largest in the world behind the United States.

But some people are worried about the health of their health and the food they eat, as well as the safety of their food.

The Associated Press asked people about their views on the food in China and what they eat at home.

Here are some of the most common responses.

Chinese People: People have a different understanding of food, so it’s really important for the people of China to learn from each other and have respect for each other.

They have different ways of eating, for example they have different cooking methods.

“They’re a very different food culture, so we’re very grateful to have each other’s cuisine, and that’s the reason why we’re here.”

Chinese people: Food safety is very important for us.

The Chinese food industry is very safe, and the safety is always our number one priority.

If you’ve got an allergic reaction to food, you should seek medical attention immediately.

You should take the food back home and make sure you’re getting the proper dosage of the medication.

We’re very proud of our food, and we really don’t take any risks.

We really love our food.

We want it to be safe and delicious for our families.

Alicia Lutz: People are very protective of their personal hygiene.

Everyone is afraid of germs, especially germs that are dangerous.

The safest way to be around food is to take care of your body and eat well.

They are very proud to be Chinese, so they’re very good at keeping their personal health.

Qianliang Xu: Chinese people are very friendly and open-minded.

The only reason I eat food is because I want to eat.

The food is good, and I’m not afraid to say that.

Mong-chun Chang: We are very good friends, but Chinese people can be strict.

People are worried that Chinese people will treat us badly, and they might be even more strict if they have a food allergy.

We are not strict, we respect everyone, but we’re also not a big fan of strict food.

But we try to be good with our food and our culture.

Wang Zheng: Chinese food is a lot better than the American variety.

Chinese people eat less meat and fish.

They’re also very strict about cleaning up after themselves.

They don’t like to drink alcohol.

Chinese food doesn’t have as much sodium as American food.

It’s also healthier.

Kuo Zhan: Chinese restaurants have a lot of variety in their food offerings.

You can get a lot more variety than Americans can get at Chinese restaurants.

Chinese restaurants are very, very healthy and delicious.

Chinese culture is very simple.

Zhang Bao: Chinese culture has very simple things that are good.

Chinese foods are not as complicated as American ones.

I really enjoy Chinese food.

If I have a cold, I can take the medicine for that.

It makes me feel better, but I won’t drink it.

Bao Zhimin: Chinese are very sensitive about food safety.

If something happens, I will not eat it.

I will only eat it when I’m feeling well.

I’m very careful about my food.

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