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How to cook for the whole family with these Indian recipes

Learn to make these delicious Nepalese dishes from the comfort of your home.We’ll take you through how to prepare them in your kitchen, so you can have the most authentic taste of your favorite foods.

Which restaurant is the most popular in Houston?

HUBERTVILLE, Texas — Which restaurant is more popular in Texas than its namesake?A new restaurant guide published by Eater and restaurant ratings website TripAdvisor has found that the famous Texas-style pizza chain Pizzeria del Cucamonga ranks the top spot in Houston, with more than 50,000 daily visits and a 4.7

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Which Vietnam dishes are you craving right now?

The Vietnamese cuisine is growing, but it’s still a bit of a mystery.This week, we asked some of our friends from Vietnam to share their top Vietnamese dishes.Here are their top picks:The Chiang Mai Curry: This is a good dish to have on the menu when you want to kick

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Which is better? Is a Pakistani dish better?

Is a Pakistan-style dish better than a Kashmiri dish?Is it better to have a Kashmiro-style meal in India than a Gujarati meal in Pakistan?Does the difference between a Kashmiru and a Kashmiroo really matter?The answer is yes, in a lot of ways.But, in most of the cases, you’re not going

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How to make queen cuisine with the best of both worlds

If you’ve never had queen cuisine, you’ve probably been spoiled by some of the recipes and techniques that have been shared online.But if you’ve ever tried to make it at home, you may be left disappointed with what you’ve come up with.Queen cuisine, in other words, is the ultimate in

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How to make the best steak in Portugal

Portuguese steak is one of the most popular and expensive meats in the world, but the cuisine surrounding it is also very different.The country has a number of regional cuisines, and many steakhouse owners are known to have unique dishes that blend local ingredients with the best ingredients from around

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How to make Indian and African Food in a Kitchen

Restaurants around the country are starting to make the leap from local to regional.From Kerala, where the Indian and Afro-Caribbean restaurants are thriving, to India, where diners are gravitating towards a more southern Indian cuisine, they are taking a look at their menu.At least 10% of the food at restaurants

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When ‘Duck Dynasty’ star says she’s ‘ready to do the same’ to black people

The Duck Dynasty star has slammed the way people in the US are treated.The show’s star, Phil Robertson, spoke out against President Donald Trump’s proposed travel ban on predominantly black countries in an interview with The Guardian newspaper on Sunday.The interview sparked a huge backlash on social media, and the

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Thailand’s thai food tastes like the tropics

In Thailand, a place where cooking and dining are as much a part of culture as any other aspect of life, the food you order and the people you meet on a typical day are as important as the ingredients they are using.It’s not uncommon for a tourist to come

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