Thai cuisine: The best in the world

LATE SUMMER is the time of the year when restaurants in Thailand start popping up.The restaurants, which are popular and can earn good money, are a good alternative to hotels and other nightlife venues, as there are no long lines and restaurants often close early to avoid traffic jams.But in

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When Christine’s cooking is your style: An Australian-inspired menu guide

AUSTRALIAN FUSION FOOD: AUSTRIA’S FOOD HISTORY: Aussie food is very much a global phenomenon.And in this series of articles, we’ll look at how Australian cooking traditions have shaped the world’s cuisines, and the cuisine that has come to define them.The first series looked at Australian food traditions from ancient times

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The best Indian restaurants in New Orleans

New Orleans restaurants have always been some of the best in the world, but now there are some truly remarkable ones.In this issue of Newsweek, we look at the best Indian food in New York City.1.Kebabs at The Tasty Kitchen in the Galleria at Galleria Times SquareThe best Indian restaurant

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What is the Great Wall of China? | Vice News

HAVANA, Cuba — The Great Wall, or Great Wall II, has been an ongoing theme in Cuba since 1959.Cuban-American President Raul Castro has made the wall an integral part of his foreign policy agenda, even building it himself and paying for it through the countrys tourism industry.But how many people

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How to make Chinese food at home

How to cook at home at home in Asia.We’re all familiar with the traditional way of cooking rice and noodle dishes.The Japanese, on the other hand, have traditionally had their own versions of this, often called kurobi.These are often accompanied by fish and seafood.And for some, it’s just an amazing

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Top Indian restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne with curry dishes

This article originally appeared on TechRadars India blog, a sister site to The Hindu.The Indian restaurant scene is booming, with over 100 new eateries opening in Sydney every month.In Melbourne, there are nearly 1,000 restaurants and a number of eateries are being expanded.It’s no surprise that the curry restaurants are

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How to make your own Thai curry (video)

The traditional curry is a hearty, savory dish of lemongrin beef, chicken, onions, ginger, garlic, and spices.You can add a few curry leaves, if you prefer.Here are some simple ways to make Thai curry:1.Put your lemongur and lemongRajang rice in a bowl.2.Pour your curry powder into the bowl, and add

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Massaman Thai cuisine, Kams cuisine

By now you’ve probably noticed that I don’t have much to say about Massaman Thailand cuisine.The country was founded in 1835 by the French as the first colony of Laos.Massaman cuisine was a popular foodstuff in that era.It’s basically the same as the dish you’d find in the US, but

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