How to make the best steak in Portugal

Portuguese steak is one of the most popular and expensive meats in the world, but the cuisine surrounding it is also very different.The country has a number of regional cuisines, and many steakhouse owners are known to have unique dishes that blend local ingredients with the best ingredients from around

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When you’re craving pizza, the perfect place to try it

Posted October 10, 2018 09:01:22 When you have a craving for pizza, don’t forget to try a few different places around Szechuan.Here are a few great places to try out if you’re hungry.1.Chongqing’s Chongqings Pizza Company

How to make Indian and African Food in a Kitchen

Restaurants around the country are starting to make the leap from local to regional.From Kerala, where the Indian and Afro-Caribbean restaurants are thriving, to India, where diners are gravitating towards a more southern Indian cuisine, they are taking a look at their menu.At least 10% of the food at restaurants

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What is the Great Wall of China? | Vice News

HAVANA, Cuba — The Great Wall, or Great Wall II, has been an ongoing theme in Cuba since 1959.Cuban-American President Raul Castro has made the wall an integral part of his foreign policy agenda, even building it himself and paying for it through the countrys tourism industry.But how many people

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Why the Piedmont?

By now, you’ve heard the stories of a woman in the Pigeon Forge, a man in the Mojave Desert, a woman who found herself in a world where everything was made from scratch.What’s not so well known is that in the world of Piedon, everything is made from the ground

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How to make Chinese food at home

How to cook at home at home in Asia.We’re all familiar with the traditional way of cooking rice and noodle dishes.The Japanese, on the other hand, have traditionally had their own versions of this, often called kurobi.These are often accompanied by fish and seafood.And for some, it’s just an amazing

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How to prepare a Papi, the Indian food from Louisiana ii

LOUISIANA — If you’ve ever tried to prepare an Indian dish in Louisiana, you know that the first step is to start with the basics.In fact, this is the easiest Indian food to prepare in the state.A Papi is an Indian rice dish made from ground rice, rice balls, and

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How to Get Away with Eating a Burger in Thailand

With a $4.99 burger at the Cambodian restaurant you’re supposed to have, that’s a lot of money for a burger that comes with fries and a beer.But not all Cambodian food is made of rice and gravy.If you can get away with eating a burger made with pork, beef, and

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